Here is another great tool for
clearing your designs from flaws.
Ad Previewer.

Ad Previewer offers you the opportunity to view your final design in full compatibility with every platform.


Of course you want to check your ad before publishing. Because it's good for yourself to see it before you show it to everyone.

There may always be details overlooked; touch-ups that need to be added or excesses that need to be removed.

Platform Supports

You can check the most suitable views for ads to be published on all platforms on the internet. supports all of the following, such as;
Facebook ads, Instagram Post ads, Instagram Story ads, Google ads, Tiktok ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest ads.

Ad Previewer
Preview all of Your Ads in One Place

This makes the application incredibly cool and useful. Thanks to this unique feature, your job will be much easier on your way to perfect designs.

Test your ad with a view suitable for the platform on which it will be published. And download your design as a mockup. All in seconds!

It's a great idea to keep your ad's preview as a mockup and keep them at your fingertips whenever you need them!