What is Buyer Persona, How to Create a Good One

Organizing your marketing activities according to the right target customers is necessary to generate leads, and buyer personas are used as an effective tool for this purpose. Thanks to buyer personas, you can more accurately examine the demands and desires of your target audience, and you will have the chance to do more efficient work towards meeting these demands.

What is Buyer Persona, How to Create a Good One

The buyer persona is not a real person, but a representative character and reflects the character of your ideal target customer.

Why are personas so effective in driving sales? Because they make your job easier in terms of seeing the human side of your customers. 

By building your personas, you better understand where your ideal customers spend their time, what online posts they like and what they like to follow. This understanding will guide you on where to spend your resources. 

You can also use your staff in this sense. If you're aware that your customer base hangs out on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest in general, you can assign one of your team to monitor that platform on a regular basis. There it establishes a constant interaction with your target audience. Don’t worry, your goal is not to hunt people, but to hang out where they hang out and adjust your advertising expenses accordingly. 

Your buyer persona work must have a minimum of certain details, including:

All of our marketing efforts have one goal; more sales. There are several ways to take advantage of the persona you have created to achieve this goal.

Here are some ideas that can fill your sails with the wind:

  1. You can speak the same language as your persona,
  2. You can segment your customer bases according to your persona,
  3. You can create e-books, blog posts, videos, etc. that appeal to your persona.
  4. You can re-audit your existing content according to your persona structure,
  5. You can optimize your landing pages according to your persona,
  6. You can include dynamic content on your website for different personas,
  7. You can carry out joint marketing activities with other people-organizations or brands that your persona is interested in,
  8. You can set negative personas separately and work on them individually or exclude them from your marketing efforts.
Effective Buyer Persona Creation Process

Let's get to the details of creating a persona...

It is useful to use templates. Although each persona has its own style, using persona templates simplifies your persona development process. Standardizations speed up processes.

Thus, you avoid adding similar or the same details over and over again: And thanks to your templates, you will be able to process the same depth of information for different products, services, campaigns and departments, and you can use your time more efficiently.

Konsey.dev’s Buyer Persona Generator

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You start adding details one by one, starting with choosing an avatar that resembles your target persona in the first step. You detail your Persona as much as possible, from demographics to deeper information. The Generator Tool already guides you and all you have to do is fill in the required fields. Your job is as easy as solving a simple puzzle.

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