Ad Accounts In One Place

In this article, you will learn how to manage ad accounts on

  • Linking ad accounts
  • Campaign management & creation

Linking ad accounts

To manage your ad accounts from a single center, you need to go to "Facebook Ads" or "Google ads" from the sidebar. On this page, after clicking the "Add Account" button, you need to perform some steps:

  • You will then be taken to the Facebook Consent screen. You need to approve permissions for system functions to work well.
  • The ad accounts will then be listed, you can choose which ad accounts you want to link.
  • Label for ad account
  • A team to assign a team (optional)

When you perform the steps, you will see that your ad accounts have been added.You can delete the ad account and add new accounts on the "Settings" page.

You can see the accounts you have added in the selectbox in the menu and switch between the ones you want to manage

Campaign management & creation

After selecting the account you want to manage, you can view the campaigns etc. via the tab menu. You can examine. The campaigns are listed in tables, their details can be examined and updated.

You can access "assets manager" by clicking the button next to Account picker. In this section, the audience and creatives of the selected ad account can be created and saved and then used during campaign creation. In addition, audience and creatives can be easily created and saved during campaign creation.

You can start the campaign creation process by clicking the "Create" button. While creating the campaign, the details can be followed from the "Steps" section on the right and the source can be viewed in "Facebook Ads Manager" with the reference links of the created parts. Multiple adsets and ads can be created and updated.

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