Introduction to

In this article, you will learn about the general concepts and interface of

What can you do in is an application that allows advertisers to manage their ads from a single center. provides three main tools in doing this.

Ad Designs is one of the tools and you can manage the designs of your ads in this tool. You can easily create ad designs from our design gallery. These designs are stored in your gallery and you can use them in other tools.

Ad Previewer helps you preview your ad creatives without creating an ad in the ads manager. You a platform you want and import the ad details to view the ad preview. The previews generated can be downloaded as mockups.

Ad Manager allows you to manage your ad accounts from one place. In this tool, you can link your Facebook and Google ad accounts. And linked accounts can be managed from here. You can see your campaigns, analyze them, create campaigns, etc. While doing these, you will benefit from auxiliary tools.

How can you use

Your 14-day trial period will begin after you register with You can use all the tools with starter package limitations in the trial. When you want to upgrade your account for more access, you can subscribe by clicking the "upgrade account" option on the "Account" page. There are 5 plans for subscription. You can check them out here. You can also get discounts by annual subscription.

Your account will have some limitations according to your subscription plan. When you arrive these limits you can't create more ad design, team or link an account. To view your account-limitation status you can see them on your "Account" page.

Your account will have some limitations based on your subscription plan. Once you reach these limits, you won't be able to create any more ad designs, team or link an account. You can see it on your "Account" page to view your account restriction status.

On the "Account" page you can also:

  • Edit your profile
  • Change or cancel your subscription
  • View your invoices & update billing info
  • Accept or decline team invitations
  • View your account limits

Is safe?

We do our best to provide you with a safe system. At, your sensitive data (password, token, etc.) are stored encrypted and cannot be shared. We do not require any password in the ad manager tool. is an application approved by Facebook and Google. Therefore, the tool will only show you a Facebook or Google permission popup to get an authorized token. This token will be stored in encrypted form in the secure database. Thus, tools will be able to provide an interface to manage your ads and your account with tokens from a single panel.

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