Here is the all-in-one tool of, Ad Account Manager...

The analysis job has never been easier. You no longer have to navigate through complex panels! You can take full control with a single panel.

Ad Accounts
All Your Ads in One Place

Is it just designing? No! Analyzes are also included. Well, one of the most important stages of a successful advertisement is to check how it goes after you publish it. In this way, you can make your ads more effective with healthy evaluations.

However, we admit that this is also a difficult process.

Why is that?

Because each platform has its own ad management panel and you need to log into them one by one to manage your ads. Exhausting, uneasy, tiring... moreover confusing. Besides, the ad management panels of some platforms are not at all easy to understand. On the contrary, they can be quite complex.

Ad Manager
A New Ad Creation Process

Manage your ads from a single point. Easily design, preview and publish. This is the process of creating an ad quickly.

In addition, managing all your advertising campaigns from a single panel... What a luxury!

Ad Manager
Single Center

By connecting your different ad accounts to a single center, you will easily manage all your advertisements through

So you will have more time to develop new strategies.